Monday, March 2, 2015

Point Defiance Yellow Triangle Trail

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday so I decided to venture further into Point Defiance than normal. Other's had the same idea.  We met many dogs, walkers, joggers, and a cross country team.  

Of course we started the day with a hearty breakfast of eggs and oatmeal!

You wave during breakfast too, right?

The trails are very well marked and if you decide that it's time to head back to the car just jump on the blue circle trail, it is the shortest way back.

The three main trails in the park are the Spine Trail (1.3 miles marked by blue circles), Square Trail (4.6 miles marked by blue squares), and the Triangle Trail (3.3 miles marked by orange triangles).  There is also the Promenade between Owen Beach and the Marina, trails to the gardens, and trails to the playground.  You could definitely do a long run and not get board at the park!

The two best places to park to access the trail is by parking near the rhododendron garden (or the parking lot right before) or at the zoo.  A wide path between the zoo and the rhododendron garden has both the beginning and end of all three trails. Start at one entrance and come out the other.

Out of the three marked trails the triangle trail is my favorite.  It is the prefect length and does not cross the road very many times.  The blue square trail crosses the road to many times for me.

We had fun looking at all the trees.  Especially the one with ferns growing on it!

And Buster liked the extra large tree stump with water in it!

Due to all the rain the trail was pretty muddy and my shoes were caked in mud by the time we got back.  I also believe in walking through the mud not around it! So does Buster! It's time to vacuum the car again!

Do you walk through the mud or around it?
Do you own a shoe dryer? I don't but that might be on the Christmas list next year!