Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hidden Beach Trail

Sometimes all you need to find a new adventure is to look a little closer at the parks you have been to many many times.  Titlow Beach has been somewhere I have been more times than I can count (dating back to highschool!).  Spent many a lunch break near the water.  In the last few years Tacoma has been updating the playgrounds in the parks and Titlow has a very nice new playground (it's a year or two old but new to me).  We went to check it out one day and ended up walking through the woods and following the Hidden Beach Trail.  It is a 1.3 mile loop that goes through the woods, beach, and the rest of the park.

There are a few side trails that we ventured on our way around the loop and found this beautiful tree in bloom in February!!!

Then up and over the railroad tracks on an old wooden bridge that is SLICK when it is wet.  

We were lucky enough to see a train coming and they gave us a honk!  

Just past the private yacht club a trail leads down to the beach.  

Buster rushed down to enjoy the water and look for sticks in the sound.  

During low tide you can walk the beach all the way down to the main entrance.  If the tide is high there are several other places to pop back up to the trail.

This is a great trail for young kids because of all the places to explore, picnic, playgrounds, and a restaurant!

We had so much fun we went back the next day for a short family walk.

What hidden gems have you found to hike?