Thursday, August 21, 2014


Having a baby totally drained me. Everyone said it would.  But it took me down harder than I expected.  Not sleeping, not fueling my body with the right food had me grouchy, tired, moody, exhausted, and unable to keep up with the normal day to day tasks.  It might look like I had it together but that was far from the truth!  Whenever Little Man went down for his nap I would crash on the couch with my computer (hello hulu and CBS).  Workouts were awful!  How do you workout when you never have energy to begin with?  When I went to visit my sister I prayed that I would stay awake and fought sleep the ENTIRE time I was driving.  Before the five hour drive would have been nothing and I would have cruised along.

I felt like this all the time!

I was desperate! My desire is to be the best wife and mother possible.  Play with Little Man, teach him, watch him grow, make healthy meals, and even clean the house now and then. It seemed like everyone else was able to accomplish these things (they even look nice for church on Sunday)! That is when I found this amazing product called Spark by Advocare.  The first drink I had blew me out of the water!  Pretty sure I accomplished more in one day that the first few months of his life.  How had I never heard of this AMAZING stuff?!  ENERGY without the harsh let down. ENERGY without sugar. ENERGY that I didn't have to pay almost $5 per drink for. ENERGY to be a better wife and mom.  ENERGY to work out at 8pm.  

This started a new chapter in my life.  Oh Spark how I wish we would have meant when I was mountaineering.  You would have made the drive home so much safer.  Visiting with my sister in Leavenworth earlier this week left me exhausted after a 3 hour drive there, heat, and a different routine and I was fading quick before the drive home.  No stopping for coffee just a quick stop at a park for Little Man to eat dinner and a Spark for me.  The drive home was safe because I was not falling asleep and was alert!  

Since I've felt great with Spark I started taking some other products for weight loss and so did the Big Man.  We both feel so much better!  Because life is so crazy it's important to take care of our bodies so we can perform our best in work, school, and with family.  More about the other products later but if you want to have your life CHANGED let me know!

We are having a get-together Sunday from 3pm -5pm to share more about the products (or if you just want to come say hi!).  If you are interested please come over or e-mail me at  If you live in another state and are interested shoot me an e-mail and we'll set up a phone date.
If you are coming would love it if you text, call or e-mail so I know the quantity of snacks to prepare. But come even if you don't do one of those!

Here is a link if you want to purchase anything (I suggest Spark!)

Mom you have to keep up with me!